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Upper Mattaponi Indian Tribe Design Study

Governmental Center Expansion, Affordable Cluster Housing, Amphitheater, Infrastructure, Gathering Spaces


*Work on this project was done in conjunction with Eden McCafferty, Judy Shao-Yu Chen. All drawings are my own unless marked otherwise.

UMIT Landscape Design Plan

Credits: Plan Drawing by Judy Shao-Yu Chen

Pond and Proposed Pavilion

Proposed Government Center and Septic Meadow


A cooperation between the Upper Mattaponi Indian Tribe (UMIT) and the University of Virginia School of Architecture (UVA)

Participants from UMIT: Chief Frank Adams, Tribal Administrator Reggie Tupponce, Environmental and Cultural Protection Director Leigh Mitchell, and Community Development Director Morgan Dean

Participants from UVA: Professor Brian Davis, Professor Michael Luegering, Professor Erin Putalik, Eden McCafferty, Judy Shao-Yu Chen, and Nita Wareechatchai


Working with Brian Davis, Michael Luegering, and Erin Putalik, this project aimed to propose comprehensive designs for the Upper Mattaponi Indian Tribe on their recently acquired 200-acre plot of land. The proposed elements of the design included a government center with an administrative building, a clinic office, a recreation center, new roads, parking areas, cluster housing, trails, sites of potential expansion, an amphitheater for large gathering, and a designed grove and pavilion for more intimate gatherings. The project concluded with the delivery of detailed plans, renders, and a physical model to the tribe, located in King William County, VA.


Model and model photos by Eden M., Judy C., and Nita W.

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