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The Rosy Fingered Dawn

A Mural for Campbell Hall 

Summer 2023
Collaborators: Sanda Iliescu, Ariana Arenius, and Dillon Laurie McDowell

Credits: Photographs by Tom Daly and Ariana Arenius

In the summer of 2023, I worked with Professor Sanda Iliescu, Ariana Arenius, and Dillon Laurie McDowell to paint a mural in Campbell Hall, our university’s architecture school. The design incorporates “dancing” lines in bold rainbow colors to communicate a sense of joy and inclusiveness. Larger swaths of the wall are colored in red, pink, salmon, berry, and violent tones to give a sense of femininity. This femininity is further highlighted by the curve in the wall, the only curved surface within the building’s architecture. The mural stands in contrast to the rest of Campbell Hall which is largely colored in more neutral tones - black linoleum, tan wood, grey concrete, red brick, and white walls. The cool tones of the pinks are reminiscent of dawn. Referencing this, the mural is titled “The Rosy Fingered Dawn;” a phrase Homer often used in the Iliad and Odyssey to describe the beginning of a new day. 

Credits: Video by Nita Wareechatchai

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